Our industrial textiles and associated product range can offer many solutions to solve and address thermal insulation needs:


TBA Thermal Protection fabrics can be used on many applications including:


Welding Protection, Bellows, Expansion Joints, Corrosive Liquid Protection, Insulation Pads and Blankets, Heat Protective Covers and Seals, Abrasion and/or Chemical Resistant Curtains and Blankets, High Temperature Resistant Seals and Barriers, Thermal Barriers, Packings and Seals, Gasketing, Removable/Reusable Insulation Pads and Blankets/Covers, Welding Safety, Insulation Pads and Blankets, Exhaust and Manifold Covers.



A range of organic materials in woven or nonwoven form, to protect personnel from radiant heat, contact heat, molten metal splash and mechanical risks. Coatings, laminates and aluminisation help to add desired properties such as wear-resistance, comfort and radiant heat reflection.


High Performance Textiles: These include p.aramid (Kevlar®) , meta.aramid (Nomex®) and other proprietary man-made fibres. These are suitable solutions for use in:


Gloves and Mitts, Aluminised Coats and Jackets, Abrasion Liners in Motorbike Riders' Clothing, Transport Seating Fire Blockers, Fire Fighters' Thermal Barriers, Fire Fighters' Turn Out Coats and Garments.


TBA’s range of Seating Fire Barriers are used widely across the globe to aid seat manufacturers in producing legislation compliant seats for trains, buses, aeroplanes and public buildings. They provide a barrier to the passage of flame through to the foam of the seat in the event of a fire. This gives occupants time to escape the fire, before the build up of toxic fumes and dense smoke in the enclosed space. This is especially important when trains are spending a lot of time in tunnels. The inclusion of knitted wire mesh reduces the chances of the foam being exposed to flame by vandals.



TBA’s Friction spun yarns have a core and sheath construction; the core adding strength, whilst the sheath adds bulk to the yarn to increase insulative properties. This method of yarn manufacture also enables the inclusion of wires, to provide extra mechanical strength. Applications include packing reinforcement, mantle tie yarns, knitting, weaving and braiding. 


TBA Protective Technologies produces nonwoven fabrics, with or without woven scrim reinforcement for a variety of protective clothing applications. The products have inherent bulk, adding to their insulative properties and making them ideal for use as liners in gloves and protective clothing. Engineered blends are used to provide a working surface to shed molten metal and an inner comfort/insulating surface. These nonwovens can also be aluminised to impart radiant heat reflective properties. 



TBA’s Electrolytic fabrics are designed to be used as diaphragms in electrolytic cells in the production of hydrogen. Properties such as purity and low air-permeability make the fabrics ideal for allowing the passage of ions, but impeding the passage of gas bubbles.


TBA Protective Technologies manufactures and supplies high performance radiant Heat shields for use on Bush Fire and Rural Fire Fighting vehicles. These are designed to protect crew from radiant heat in bush fire situations. The shields achieve highest protection levels when tested to fire protection standards.



This range of hose and pipe protection systems is designed to provide high performance and also protection from heat, leaking hydraulic hoses. The products have been tested to stringent testing standards.

The above products are widely used in industries such as:
  • Steel industry
  • Rail Industry
  • Chemical Processing
  • Plants Refineries
  • Steel Mills
  • Aluminium Smelters
  • Mining
  • General Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Metal Processing
  • Defence
  • Marine and Navy

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