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Based in Sydney, NSW, TBA Protective Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of world renowned UK based TBA Textiles Ltd. Over 140 years experience in the manufacture of industrial textile products has enabled TBA Textiles to become one of the world leaders in the field of high performance, heat resistant textiles for arduous applications where primary protection from heat and flame is paramount.

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The industries and the applications we service and provide solutions to are best described as arduous and our approach has always been to provide solutions that are diligent, focused and professional, three very important qualities especially needed in such environments. TBA Protective Technologies’ employees have extensive experience, leading to a build-up of knowledge of applications, products and processes. Our staff members are trained to listen to customers, understand their needs and offer services to help them.

Our Product Range
Our Experience

TBA Protective Technologies is geared towards 3 main business areas:


Thermal Protection – fibreglass products, mainly for protection of personnel, equipment and machinery, various finishes and treatments being available to tailor the products to the final end-use.


High Performance Textiles – mainly organic fibres including para-aramid (Kevlar®), meta-aramid (Nomex®), FR viscose, preoxidised acrylic (Pre-ox™), polyacrylate, polyphenylene sulphide (P.P.S.) and others to provide protection to people from heat, abrasion and cuts, to act as reinforcements in composite materials or to provide a fire barrier within transport seating, protective clothing and bush fire radiant heat shields.


Brands: TBA Protective Technologies spins, and weaves many quality fibres made by well-known brands including Kevlar®, Twaron®, Panox®, Nomex®, Conex®, Basofil ®, Kynol ®, Dyneema ® and Spectra®.


Firefly – A range of certified fire barriers to provide compartmentation within buildings (tbafirefly.com.au).


Other manufacturing capabilities include:- carding, friction spinning, plying, twisting, braiding, yarn dipping, beaming, weaving, laminating, aluminising, chemical finishing, coating and fabrication.

TBA Protective Technologies manufacturing facility is accredited to Quality Standard ISO 9001. This certification demonstrates our commitment to quality and outstanding customer service and satisfaction. Using technically advanced, core technologies, TBA's technical expertise is available to customers in supportive or development roles.


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