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Bentley-Harris Fyrejacket® Technology

Innovative product development

We are committed to the continual development of innovative solutions that meet customer’s ever changing needs. From concept to commercialisation, we focus on the advancement of engineering technologies from our state-of-the-art research, development and testing facilities located worldwide. Our specific areas of concentration include:


  • Abrasion & Damage Protection

  • Acoustic Noise Damping and Absorption

  • Thermal Insulation

  • Radiant Thermal Protection

  • Materials Engineering

  • Electromagnetic Shielding


Application-specific testing

We provide customers with extensive technical support related to their specific application requirements. We offer extensive qualification reports on our components though our world-class technology centres. Utilising state-of-the art test and analysis equipment, we are able to simulate real-life conditions that allow you to evaluate our product performance for your specific application. Testing capabilities include acoustic, EMI, environmental, mechanical and thermal conditions.


Installation support

We offer a unique service that supports our customers with the installation of the most appropriate protection solution. Using your harness, our engineers analyse your protection needs.  We define the specific products, accessories and installation tools appropriate for your application as well as can provide an installation guide to ensure the best solution for your needs.

Fyrejacket, Radiant Heat Shields, Thermal Protection & Insulation, High Performance Textiles
Fyrejacket, Radiant Heat Shields, Thermal Protection & Insulation, High Performance Textiles

Tubular woven sleeve with outstanding mechanical protection; ideal for hydraulic hose protection.


Product Type: Sleeve

Material: Nylon

Silicone Tapes

Provide good fluid resistance and are ideal for sealing, connecting and finishing cut ends. Also available with fiberglass reinforcement for increased mechanical strength.


Product Type: Tape

Material: Un-supported or supported with fiberglass silicone tapes

FyreJacket® Aerospace Grade


Provides excellent component protection against extreme high temperatures, molten splashes, and fire protection up to +1100°C.


Product Type: Sleeve

Material: Fiberglass and silicone

Aluminised Glassfibre Therm-L-lite


Tubular sleeve with excellent radiant heat protection; provides component protection in high temperature areas

FyreTape® / Thermobande


Silicone-coated tape with good fire protection; easy to install on big pipes; may be used to replace or compliment FyreJacket / Thermotubix


Product Type: Tape

Material: Fiberglass and silicone

Thermojacket® S Sleeving for long-term heat protection


Thermojacket S sleeving is constructed of braided fiberglass with a saturated coating which adds rigidity to the product and reduces the likelihood of end fray. The stiff coating also results in a sleeving that is

easy to apply over long length applications and is resistant to mechanical abrasion. Thermojacket S withstands exposure to long-term heat.

Fyrejacket® Applications

Fyrejacket applications include wire harnesses, cables, tubing, hoses and other components. Customers in a variety of energy, industrial and transport markets utilise our products in a host of applications, including:

Fyrejacket, Radiant Heat Shields, Thermal Protection & Insulation, High Performance Textiles
Fyrejacket® Product Details
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