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Radiant Heat Shields

Our technical team at TBA Protective Technologies have designed and engineered Radiant Heat Shield products that exceed or meet all of the expectations and requirements of protecting fire fighting crews from burn overs in critical bush fire incidents.


The heat shield materials have been independently tested by the CSIRO and other overseas based scientific testing organisations and have passed all of the required tests.


The heat shields have and are being fitted to many fire fighting vehicles across Australia. Whilst the fabrics come from our UK factory, the design of the heat shields and its deployment have been influenced by actual fire fighters whose feedback was influential in the finished product. Except for the base fabrics that are sourced from the UK based factory, our radiant heat shields are 100% made in Australia by professional sewing houses who pride themselves in making the best product for the people who need it most.


Note that the Heat shields can only be used with the approval of the relevant brigades in addition to organisational safety requirements of each individual fire department.  

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